2007. 03 MOU for Animation Joint Venture Studio in Qingdao China
2007. 03 Production contract with Nexon for Animation of Mayple Story
2006. 11 INDEX Holdings Corporation(Japan) invested in DR MOVIE (600Million Yen)
2005 .10 Release of Co-Production Animation
2005 .05 Full 3D Animation aired on KBS 1TV
2003. 06 'Michel', DR Movie's original TV series animation, aired on KBS.
2003. 01 Launched 'DR Sound Lab', 5.1 ch. digital sound studio
2002. 09 Launched web based character comic site, 'Faper' (www. faper.co.kr)
2002 .07 Launched full 3D animation studio, DR Face
2002 .04 Moved into the Guro Digital Industrial Complex
2002. 02 Launched '3D Animation Team'.
2002 .01 Launched 'DR Lab' for the R&D and creative planning
Launched 'Flash Animation Team'.
2001 .12 Increased capital stock (100 Mil won, 200,000 stocks)
2001 .09 Certified as 'Venture Corporation' in the field of '2D & 3D digital effect technology' by Korean Government (Small and Medium Business Administration)
2001 .05 'Mad House' (Japan) invested in DR MOVIE Co., Ltd.
2001 .03 Launched creative development division especially for the Japanese pre-production services.Started complete original animation services including pre-production and 3D.
2000 .05 DR MOVIE Co., LTD.
2000 .03 Launched the production of 'Michel'                
1999 . Established 'Digital Department' : began to utilize digital technology for post-production
1998 . Established 'DR MOI' for overseas works especially for the US OEM animation. Co-developed and co-produced a pilot film for the animation feature 'Wonderful Days' with Tin House, Korea.
1997 . Launched 'Camera Department' and 'Composition Department'
1996 . Launched 'Key Animation Department'. 'A Night Watcher' was awarded Grand Prix and Best Director at the 2nd Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival. (SICAF)
Started complete OEM animation services which include layoouts, key animations, in-betweens, ink/paintings, and shootings.
1995 Experimental animation 'Memories' was awarded a prize for the Environmentally-Aware at the 1st SICAF.
1992 Launched 'Busan DR' and became the largest coloring company in Korea.
1991. Entered into an exclusive partnership with 'Mad House', Japan.
1990. 11 Established
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